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With a combined sixty years advising on both the buying and selling of fine wines specifically for investment, the three directors of Clarion wines are well placed to provide sound, balanced, purposeful advice. Our long standing experience and extensive contacts witihn the trade allow us to advise effectively on every aspect of fine wine investment, from getting a portfolio started all the way through to managing the sale of part or all of the collection. Our advice is bespoke to precisely match the requirements of each individual client.


The world's great wines are now widely considered by consumers to constitute one of the finest alternative investment opportunities available, joining more orthodox traditional investments such as the stock market and property. The core principle is very straightforward: the world's great wines are made in finite and very limited quantities. Demand vastly outstrips supply and therefore prices rise. Once such wines become mature they are consumed and become increasingly rare, which in turn drives an acceleration in price increases. The timing of purchase is often critical and quality of provenance vital at all times: buy only the greatest wines with a proven track record, those subject to high international demand, and only from reliable & experienced merchants, usually upon or shortly after their initial release into the market at opening and, theoretically, advantageous prices.

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