The wines of Alsace have been sorely neglected by UK wine lovers in recent decades. There are a number of highly dedicated growers producing wines of exceptional character and quality particularly from the Riesling and Gewurztraminer grapes - with a range of flavours quite unique to this corner of France with its turbulent history of oscillating between French and German control over the centuries. This has made the Alsatians staunchly proud of their beautiful surroundings and of their terroir which produces such compelling wines.




M. Chapoutier is one of the greatest producers in the entire Rhône valley, and indeed this esteemed house regularly makes wines which compete with the best made anywhere in the world. Chapoutier’s wines consistently achieve an exceptional degree of terroir expression along with compelling richness and finesse; the result of outstanding old-vine vineyard sites producing tiny yields of exceptional fruit (in a typical year production ranges between only 100-700 cases of each of the famous 'Sélections Parcellaires'), combined with the expert application of biodynamic techniques in the vineyard and highly skilled, highly sensitive winemaking. Every wine is a triumph.

2016 Riesling Fels, Domaine Schieferkopf, Chapoutier x 6
 6 Bottles

Aimé Stentz

The Stentz family owns 14.5 hectares of vineyards.  The domaine was founded by Jacques Stentz who began buying vines in 1919.  His son, Théophile Stentz, began making the family's own wine (previously the grapes had been sold to local négociants) and his son, Aimé Stentz, supported by his wife Angèle, began estate bottled production, building up the domaine from the 4 hectares which he took over from his father.  Since 1979 his sons Etienne and Louis have been running the domaine.  The vineyards have been run along broadly organic lines since 2004 and registered as fully organic since 2010.  Planting is highly selective, with great care taken to match grape variety with soil type and alternate rows are ploughed, with the grass left to grow freely in every other row.  Yields are kept to between 10 and 15 per cent below those permitted and fermentation takes place in tank, with the wines matured on their lees for 6 to 10 months prior to bottling.

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Barrels at Stentz
2013 Gewurztraminer Cuvée de la Première Neige, Aimé Stentz
 12 Bottles
A delicious late picked (hence the name) and slightly sweet Gewurztraminer, full of fabulous aromas and complex fruit flavours. 

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