The Port Houses of Oporto and the Douro Valley declare a vintage only when conditions are absolutely right, and the resulting quality of the wines merits it - this occurs on average once every three or four years.  The declaration is made almost two years after the vintage, by tradition on St George's Day, and is followed by a flurry of activity as samples are made available and tastings take place.  Wines are then sold for delivery 8 months or so later, and consumption after many years of patient cellaring.

Aside from that activity, the Port houses produce a host of other wines - Late Bottled Vintages, Single Quinta wines, and fabulous aged Tawnys to name but three.  Port can of course be drunk on occasions other than at the end of long, formal dinners.  Aged Tawny Port for example is incredibly refreshing when served cold with puddings, and the others make superb accompaniments to cheese.  The skill and attention to detail involved in making wines of such outstanding quality from these incredibly steep, terraced vineyards, make these remarkable value for money relative to their peers.


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Quinta dos Malvedos


2016 Dow Vintage Port x 6
 6 Bottles

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