Pio Cesare

To make life confusing, the founding family of this fabulous Piedmontese producer has used the names Pio and Cesare in varying orders with each passing generation.  The winery was established in 1881 by Cesare Pio who was succeeded by his daughter Rosy Pio and her husband Giuseppe Boffa.  Their son Pio Boffa is now in charge of the operation, assisted by his nephew Cesare Benvenuto.  The family owns a little over 50 hectares of vines and in addition buys grapes from growers with many of whom agreements have been in place for several generations.  The winemaking is largely traditional, although a portion of a number of the cuvées is aged in small French barrels which sit alongside the traditional Italian ‘botte’.  The wines are outstanding.

Pio Cesare's Bricco vineyard

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