Fattoria La Massa

Giampaolo Motta is one of the most passionate winemakers with whom we are lucky enough to work.  2011 will be the first vintage he makes in his brilliant new winery, so we can expect him to go from strength to strength.  He has posted a letter on James Suckling's blog and quoting it in full allows him to speak for himself in explaining part of what lies behind his decision to withdraw from the Chianti Classico system:

"I made the choice to declassify my wines 8 years ago for two primary reasons: commercial and personal. However I have steadfastly concentrated on producing wines of high quality that reflect, as James [Suckling] points out, my dream. I cannot go into great detail, in this forum, to explain the commercial reasons but I will say that I made the correct choice for me and for my winery. As for the personal reasons: I want to make wines that reflect my personality and my dream to someday make what I call a "great" wine. With La Massa I.G.T., Sangiovese is the soul of the wine. I choose the best grapes from our vineyards and try to obtain the best expression that this variety has to offer by doing a delicate extraction and short vinification. Giorgio Primo is my heart, my dreams and my personality. It is the style of wines I enjoy the most. My first experiences in wine were in Bordeaux many years ago. Its wines have had a great influence on my palate; its wine makers, a great influence on my thinking about wine; its methods, on my wine making. I have reverence for its history and precision and the expression the wines show of its terroir. Don’t forget that Cabernet Sauvignon is present in Tuscany since 1600 under the name of “uva francesa”. For me, today, it is about having the liberty to express my dreams, my personality and very importantly the incredible terroir (not VARIETY) of this place - LA MASSA."  Giampaolo Motta

La Massa barrel cellar

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