Domaine Simon Bize

On Monday 21st October 2013 we received the tragic news that Patrick had died the afternoon before.  We had been due to see him two days later.  Much has since been written about Patrick and the esteem and affection in which he was held, having run this 22 hectare domaine with such self-effacing flair for so long.  With his keen humour, great personal warmth, and winemaking brilliance, Patrick will be much missed, and we extend our sympathies to his widow Chisa and their children, and the rest of his family.  Patrick’s memory will live on through the bottles which lie in cellars around the world, and through these 2013s – picked just weeks before he died.

At 22 hectares, this is a large estate by Burgundian standards.  It is now run by Patrick\'s widow Chisa with the brilliant assistance of Guillaume Bott, who trained at Sauzet.  The domaine\'s origins go back to the 1880s when Simon Bize (Patrick\'s great-grandfather) bought the first vines.  He was succeeded in 1918 by his son, also Simon, who was able to buy more vineyards in the years after the Great War.  His son, Simon III, who took over the domaine in 1950, began domaine bottling, establishing the reputation of the estate as one of the finest sources of Savigny Les Beaune.  His son, Patrick, built the present winery in 1972 and also added to the vineyard holdings, considerably enhancing this great domaine.

Patrick Bize

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