The Effortless Beauty Of Barolo 2010

Most Barolo producers have now released their wines from the entirely brilliant and much talked about 2010 vintage. Press coverage has been deep and wide, the generous praise readily forthcoming – and quite rightly so.

What is it then which makes Barolo just so special in 2010? Having now tasted a good number of seriously fine 2010s from some wonderful producers over the last few months, it’s clear that all of the elements necessary for greatness are fully evident and in perfect balance with one another. There are quite wonderful, complex Nebbiolo aromatics; the fruit is wonderfully ripe but in no way over-ripe, which means that the wines possess a conviction of depth and richness but also a clarity, freshness and precision which is nothing short of compelling. They have incredible energy and a fine framework based on vibrant just-picked red-berry acidity and fine, elegant tannins, all with great mineral drive.  The lush, rounded, cool, ripe darker fruits bright combine beautifully with the brighter red fruits. And such wonderful length, too. All of this gives an effortless complexity and makes for an immensely satisfying whole.

In a nutshell, the best 2010 Baroli – and there are plenty of them – are nothing short of majestic.

Ian Paveley

11th August 2014

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