There is life beyond Bordeaux….

Much has been written about the dismal state of the market.  A great deal of energy has been expended on the dynamics which have brought the Bordeaux market, specifically, to such a shocking place. But while Bordeaux continues to languish, the light dimmed further by the terrible 2013 primeur campaign, the market, thankfully, isn’t as narrow as simply Bordeaux and there is life beyond the First Growths and big name Right Bank properties.

Italy, particularly the classic high-quality regions of Tuscany and Piedmont, backed by a recent run of a quite wonderful vintages (and in tandem with their relatively excellent value) are both thriving, as is Burgundy in both red and white. Vintage Champagne is also doing tremendously well at finding a market. Many Rhônes are also trading well, driven in part by a perception that there remains value in many of the finest wines of both the north and south of the region.

Of course, cycles continue to turn and Bordeaux will step out of the shade at some point, but the world of fine wine is broad and consumers ever more sophisticated, so there are plenty of good things to think about in the meantime.

Ian Paveley

12th June 2014


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