2010 Barolo – A Modern Day Classic

2010 Barolo – A Modern Day Classic:



The fine wine world is collectively poised to get its hands on Barolo from the star-in-the-making 2010 vintage. Releases are starting to hit the market now, with many more due over the coming weeks. The 2010 Barolo vintage is regarded as among the very best in recent memory – ultimately everything came together absolutely perfectly in 2010: aromatics, energy, a fine mineral structure, concentration, richness, purity – a rare level of quality and of character reminiscent of the great 2004 vintage, but with perhaps everything a notch or two better still – which makes for quite some vintage….

Despite some challenging conditions the grapes enjoyed a long growing period, essential for the development of complexity in the finished wine. The vines had endured a long winter and flowering was interrupted by rain and some hail in early May that resulted in reduced yields.  The weather was then fine until further heavy rain arrived in late June, by which time flowering was completed. July was very warm with hot days and cool nights creating the diurnal temperature swings essential for gradual and even ripening of the grapes. The difficult weather in May had meant there were fewer bunches but the ones that were there were very healthy with loosely packed, clean berries with thick skins. This would prove to be a blessing as harvest approached. August proved to be cool and damp, followed by a rather dull September. October was wet and the harvest started by the middle of the month, later than usual, and the first for many years to be conducted in foggy conditions.

The conditions, on the face of it, would not suggest a great vintage, but in 2010 the facts are that these wines are widely recognised as possessing great purity, focus and tension and a real sense of the appellation’s various terroirs. These Baroli are also blessed with depth and richness, accompanied by firm tannins and a positive structure.

We plan to have releases from a number of top producers, featuring some rising stars along with some established greats. Please get in touch with us if you would like to see details of releases, as they happen.

Patrick Barran & Ian Paveley – Clarion Wines Limited, February 2014

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